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Sep 24, 2013

FREE SafeTbox products USA



Sep 24, 2013

Distribution Partners Wanted

SafeTbox requires distribution partners to share in our international growth. Please contact us TODAY ..


Sep 24, 2013

Can advertising be placed on SafeTbox?

  1. Advertising on SafeTbox beach security locker safe for pools and beaches worldwide, place key adverts on the flat display area on the front of the box.


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Sep 24, 2013

Uses of SafeTbox

SafeTbox provides a secure place for personal effects and valuables at areas such as hotel pools, leisure facilities, care homes, and other public areas where individuals want to safeguard the many valuable possessions they carry with them such as cash, credit cards, mobile phone, iPods, Kindles, cameras etc. ..


Jul 19, 2013


SafeTbox is a unique lockable security product for protecting personal valuables at beaches, theme parks, resorts and beach clubs. SafeTbox's lockable security box is versatile providing an easy to implement and cost effective solution in other markets, including hospitals, care facilities and golf carts. ..