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Mar 01, 2016

Pay for a locker or a service that will secure your valuables.

Pay for a locker or a service that will secure your valuables.

Some beaches have lockers for rent, which is great, but they’re uncommon. Many European beaches have chairs and umbrellas for rent, and these often come with a locker or even a private lockable changing shack right on the beach.




Jan 08, 2016

A huge thank you

A huge thank you to all who have followed or 'Liked' our International Facebook campaigns. For those interested in a dynamic and exciting business opportunity in 2016, please contact us via the button above, or Message us for more information. Thank you for your ongoing support, we hope to see you on the SafeTbox Team soon



Oct 15, 2015




Jul 07, 2015

Keep your valuables safe at the beach whilst on vacation

Keeping your valuables with you and safe whilst enjoying a vacation is always on your mind. With the summer here, and the average holidaymaker now carrying over $500 of valuables in the form of phones, sunglasses, MP3 players and tablets, not having them stolen and ruining your holiday is key. ..


Jun 30, 2015

Safety Beach Box

How often have you gone on holiday, gone to the beach with your family and one of you has had to stay on the sand near the valuables whilst the rest of the family have fun in the sea. Well SafeTbox Safety beach box is the answer. It protects your iPhones, iPads, wallets, keys, sunglasses, watches and more so you can go and fun in the sea or pool. ..