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Keep your valuables safe at the beach whilst on vacation

Jul 07, 2015

Keeping your valuables with you and safe whilst enjoying a vacation is always on your mind. With the summer here, and the average holidaymaker now carrying over $500 of valuables in the form of phones, sunglasses, MP3 players and tablets, not having them stolen and ruining your holiday is key.


Most thefts on beaches occur after a gang have been watching families for a few hours and wait until they hide their valuables under towels and go for a swim, or to have lunch. This gives gangs the opportunity to casually walk past and remove them.


The SafeTbox Beach and Pool Security Locker was designed to offer stress-free vacationing at the beach or pool. Simply place valuables inside the box, lock with the key, and go swimming knowing your valuables are there when you return. SafeTbox Beach Pool Safes are attached to umbrellas, chairs and walls and are distinctive with SafeTbox Logo on the lid and silicone wristband.


Don't have thieves ruin your vacation this year and look out for SafeTboxes on a beach near you. For more information visit