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Jul 19, 2013

SafeTbox is a unique lockable security product for protecting personal valuables at beaches, theme parks, resorts and beach clubs. SafeTbox's lockable security box is versatile providing an easy to implement and cost effective solution in other markets, including hospitals, care facilities and golf carts.

Secured to a fixed object via our proprietary quick-lock mechanism, SafeTbox provides a personal 'safe' for storing valuables such as; cameras, iPods, Kindles, cell phones, sunglasses and cash. Made from the highest-quality durable plastics, it is fully weatherproof, UV resistant, and locks securely with a key attached to a wrist strap.

Perfectly positioned as an ambient media platform, SafeTbox can be fully customized to display full-color photographs and high impact imagery, creating eye-catching advertising, branding and sponsorship messages. Contact us for more information.

What Our Customers Say

Wet 'n Wild has bought and rented the SafeTbox in our park for just under a year. Operationally; the boxes are very easy to clean, and the wristband the key is attached to thus far has proven to be very secure. Our guests have found it to be a very safe, effective, and convenient means for securing their small personal items such as phones and wallets.
We are very happy with the SafeTbox product.
Wet 'n Wild, Orlando, Florida- USA's biggest water park