The Best-Selling Beach & Pool Locker 

SafeTbox provides a much-needed solution to an all-too-common problem. When at the beach, or enjoying oneself around a pool or other facility with friends or family… how to protect valuable possessions from THEFT or LOSS?

Recent surveys indicate that an individual carries on average, in excess of $500 in digital equipment, as well as cash, sunglasses, keys etc.

SafeTbox is the Solution

SafeTbox is a unique lockable product for protecting personal valuables at beaches, resorts, water parks, hospitals and care facilities as well as other venues. SafeTbox's adaptable security locker is versatile, providing an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution.

SafeTbox is secured to a fixed object where it will safely store valuable possessions such as phones, car keys, cameras, e-readers, sunglasses, wallets.

New and innovative it gives peace of mind and security to users concerned about safety of their valuables at leisure facilities, beaches, pool areas etc. Made from the highest quality Polypropylene (PP), it is weatherproof, UV resistant, and locks securely with a high grade key lock, with the key attached to a handy silicone wrist strap.

SafeTbox has also been designed and developed as an ambient advertising platform, and can be fully customized to display full-color photographs and high impact imagery creating eye-catching advertising, branding and sponsorship messages.

The clever design and high quality materials used, make SafeTbox very easy to install, maintain, and stack for easy storage. The SafeTbox gives a unique selling point over competitors that do not offer a security solution for their customers.


-  Durable and UV resistant - it will not fade or discolor. 

-  SafeTbox stacks when not in use so it is easy to store and takes up minimum storage space.

-  SafeTbox is virtually maintenance-free.

-  Provides a source of revenue when rented to customers, quickly recouping any capital outlay. 

-  The key can only be removed from the box when in the locked position preventing key loss.

-  Built-in flat display area for optional advertising messages, creating additional revenue.


-  Travel - Hotels and Resorts, Beaches, Beach Bars and Clubs. 

-  Leisure - Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Gyms, Nightclubs 

-  Healthcare - Hospitals, Assisted Living Centres, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centres.

-  Employee Lounges, Festivals and Concerts, Product Launches, Corporate Branding and Events.