Become a SafeTbox Sponsor

Promote your brand with us. SafeTbox units are positioned in some of the most prestigious venues worldwide, and this provides a unique opportunity to promote your brand to a captive audience, in places where traditional advertising is difficult, if not impossible.

With the unique placement of SafeTboxes at such great locations, SafeTbox users will have the advantage of utilizing integrated QR codes on all our units, to allow advertisers the ability to capitalize on online shopping, increase social media followers and create additional online promotions for SafeTbox guests.


Ad Logos and messages get optimal placement on our SafeTboxes, with the ability to change brand, marketing message, or logo every 12 weeks.

Campaigns start at just $1.00 per unit per day for a 12 week campaign with discounted rates for longer campaigns. (USA ONLY EXAMPLE)

You choose the available property, send us your final artwork message and we'll take care of the rest.


Demographics per property are available, along with the number of units placed at each property. Digital display units will also be provided in your campaign stating 'SafeTbox provided at this location by YOUR COMPANY'.

Contact us today for more details on our campaign opportunities and how to get started in an available market of your choice in as little as 30 days.

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